Fired Up: The Story of MudGirls Studios

Fired Up: The Story of MudGirls Studios


For more than four decades, as Atlantic City experienced its ups and downs, one constant endured: the high quality and professionalism of Atlantic City Ballet. Director Phyllis Papa, at the close of her personal dance career, had what some considered the audacity to bring classical, musical art to a destination known for the disharmony of slot machines. This unlikely combination brought Atlantic City an unexpected recognition, where the beauty of ballet is expressed near where gamblers roll the dice, where tourists stroll the boards, where the ocean dances along the sand.



You can do much with mud—build a castle, make a pie. You can re-make yourself, or someone else—because mud is what we are: soil and water and air. In Atlantic City, that town of get-rich dreams, many women live without dreams or riches. But Dorrie Papademetriou’s Mudgirls’s Studio occasionally intervenes, offering a chance to be something rarely imagined—an artist. Just as clay can be fashioned into an exquisite vase, Dorrie helps women refashion themselves . . . by becoming a Mudgirl.

This documentary creatively and insightfully tells the story of Dorrie and the MudGirls.


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