Under the direction of Bill Horin, the ArtC video team produces compelling short films and documentaries at the highest level of production value. Our specialty is the arts but we are adept at almost any subject matter. Producing short and full-length film projects for corporate clients and art organizations, ArtC’s filmmaking wins praise for both creative approach and theatrical quality. Our video services are comprehensive, from concept to final delivery.

ArtC Video collaborates with some of the best filmmakers in South Jersey and beyond including ArtC team member Frank Weiss, Jason Penza and his Glasstown Productions crew, documentary film producer Douglas Clayton of FilmDoc productions, and Hopping Frog Studios’ David Todd McCarty. More recently we have also collaboarated with Ludovico Menegon from Horizon Films, Dan Paiano from Reaction Digital and film editor Taylor Corson.

ArtC has earned numerous awards for its documentaries including top honors at numerous Film Festivals.