Help us ‘Catch the Dream’

” Creativity is a mysterious process,” says Paul Herron. “We intend to examine what makes art come alive.”

Bay Atlantic Symphony and ArtC want to produce a documentary that captures the inspiration, creative process and hard work that goes into an original symphonicl composition, in this case the one composed by Steven Mento for BAS, Algonquian Dreamcatcher. His inspiration was the musical traditions of New Jersey’s Native Americans, particularly the Lenni Lenape. And we need your help to bring this project to fruition and we are using Indiegogo to raise the funds. For more info please visit our page.

The resulting documentary will be premiered before a performance by the Bay Atlantic Symphony, shown on television and made available through internet downloads and DVD sales. It will reach a large audience and shine a light on the symphony, our Native Americans and the arts of Southern New Jersey.