Medford Lakes resident, Albert Horner, has been familiar with the scenic wonders of the Pinelands National Reserve most of his life. A self-taught photographer who started recording the “Pine Barrens” in his early 30’s he now is capturing stunning landscape images of the “Pines” with digital technology.

Having traveled to many places to photograph landscapes, like Scotland, the desert Southwest of the United States, Ireland, Maine and the Appalachian Mountains he was never quite satisfied with the photographic end results. Living in the Pine Barrens area, and having roamed around the Pines most all of his life, Horner has the unique advantage of knowing the area well, being available when the seasons, the weather, and lighting are right to produce a fine art landscape photograph. Something you can not experience often when traveling to distant places to photograph.

“Although the Pinelands does not have mountain peaks, lush valleys with babbling streams it does have a beauty and uniqueness all of it’s own,” says Horner. That unusual quality of the Pine Barrens is what Horner is always out to place in his viewfinder.