AHA! (Artists Helping Artists) w features some of southern New Jersey’s most talented artists, curators, and art historians sharing their most successful tips, techniques, and perspectives with a wide audience of emerging and established artists, art lovers and an interested public.

South Jersey is home to many of the regions most accomplished artists who are eager to share their knowledge in these professionally and creatively produced videos by the ArtC Film team in collaboration with the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (RRCA)

Each 3–4-minute video is unique to the artist but with an opening and closing that clearly identifies this exciting new series. Everyone benefits. The artists are paid for their time and also receive recognition for their work as well as a link to their website or social media. Also, the satisfaction that comes with sharing.  Our sponsors are recognized in the credits with our main sponsor having a 10 second promotion for them at the end of each segment. And the viewing public has access to possible career altering tips from our instructors.

The tutorials are shared and promoted in many ways, including social media. Each artist also has access do the sponsors. They reach a wide audience not only regionally but hopefully nationally. A website specifically for AHA! is in the works as well as a YouTube Channel.

We see this as a series that could be produced for many years to come.

AHA! Tutorial by fine art photographer David Woeller

AHA! Tutorial by body artist Heather Deegan Hires & photographer Ruben Garcia