ArtC is dedicated to promoting the arts in southern New Jersey.

It is a coalition of individuals representing a cross section of skills. Each harbors a passion for creative pursuits and brings unique experience and point of view. They share the goal of shining light on a community that sometimes lives in the shadows: the arts and creative culture in south Jersey.

ArtC is a meeting place; a network of artists and other professionals engaged in artistic pursuits, making contact for mutual benefit. It is is a coalition of:

    • Successful business people with experience promoting the arts
    • Artists, photographers, designers, writers and others engaged in creative pursuits, both as pure expression and in commerce
    • Art teachers and educators
    • Museums, galleries and other institutions dedicated to the arts

It was founded to fill a need: to give voice to a small but powerful population, the serious artists in southern New Jersey. ArtC is open to artists, organizations and individuals engaged in producing, promoting, teaching and pursuing real art. ArtC is open to all, with one important caveat: good art.

It’s about building “visual literacy.” Over the past two decades, technology has made the tools of the serious artist available to all. And that has lowered the bar. ArtC aims to raise it back where it belongs – illuminating the distinction between excellence and mediocrity. ArtC is a 501(c)(3) organization.