Sometimes the hardest thing about being ArtC is being artsy.

As a for profit in a mostly non-profit art world, we rely on work from others to pay our bills. Many times, like many businesses, we have to compromise to please our clients. Then there are times when we say ‘screw it’, pick a project we want to do, and spread our wings. We are working on such a project now and the trailer is below. Welcome to Grasso.

Sometimes the best thing about being ArtC is having people on your team who take your small idea and run with it. I am fortunate to work with a team of sprinters. After our documentary ‘The Art Spirit’ I knew we needed a follow up. I also knew it should be about someone or something different from Pat Witt, whom we love dearly. Frank Weiss and I both almost immediately thought of Victor Grasso. With the Pat Witt video I was personally very involved. Our video producer Frank Weiss and I frequently collaborated on ideas and subject matter for the documentary. Each scene was a joint effort. With our newest documentary, Frank brings his understanding of and rapport with Victor to the project. After making several attempts to be part of the planning of this piece I quickly realized I had to step back and give Frank control. His vision for this film is amazing and very different from our other projects. He calls it a hybrid. I still have input, I’m on almost every shoot, I’m a cameraman, work on lighting and make suggestions or corrections when needed. But knowing when to let talented people do what they do best is also a talent. Some of our clients have that skill, others need to develop it.

See you tomorrow night, October 4th, for Victor’s opening of his show ‘Fable’ at the Noyes Museum of Art.

Thanks for listening.